General Magick

Understanding Magickal Intent

In order to perform successful magick one has to truly understand magickal intent.  Many books direct practitioners to focus their will and concentrate their intent, but never help the practitioner figure out where their intent should be directed.  This workshop will help attendees look more deeply into what they really want and help clarify where to direct their magickal energies to get the best possible results.

Collaborative Ritual

Diversity is one of the greatest strengths and hurdles of Pagan community.  Creating meaningful ritual for a group of people who all practice in the same way is challenging enough, but doing so for a group that worships and works with an innumerable number of different deities, spirits, ancestors, and entities all in different ways is that much more difficult.  In this workshop we’ll explore ways of co-creating ritual with the participants at the time of the ritual in order to create the most inclusive, meaningful, respectful, and engaging experience possible.

Devotional Offerings

All relationships require give and take.  Our relationships with deities, ancestors, and other metaphysical entities are no exceptions.  One of the easiest and most prevalent ways of strengthening our metaphysical relationships is through offerings.  In this workshop we will have a multi-denominational discussion of different types of offerings; the whens, wheres, whys, and hows of giving them; as well as what to do with physical leftovers.

Santa Muerte: Simple Folk Saint or Emerging Goddess?

If you’ve been in your local occult shop or Latin grocery lately you’ve probably seen candles for or statues of Santa Muerte.  Who is she? What does she do? Who venerates her and how? In this workshop we’ll discuss Mexico’s beloved folk saint and the rapidly growing cult surrounding her.  We’ll look into her contested origins, her development into a beloved helper to the downtrodden, and how the continued expansion of her cult seems to be taking her worship to levels closer to that of a deity than a subordinate saint.  

Santa Muerte in Practice

In this workshop we’ll discuss Mexico’s beloved folk saint and the concrete details of what her worship and practice looks like. We’ll look into her identity as a beloved helper to the downtrodden, the traditional forms of her worship, and ways to work with her magickally.  Those of all paths, identities, and backgrounds are welcome.

Spirit of Place

Places all have their own unique energies, be they buildings, neighborhoods, cities, or whole regions.  The history, spirits, and energies of the places where you practice magick need to be taken into account in order to practice respectfully and effectively.  In this workshop we’ll take a look at how natural energies, historical happenings, local legends, and the mundane world around you can be factored into magickal practice in order to work harmoniously with the spirit of place for the benefit of all.

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Dark ArtsLakeview Cemetery - Phinney Plot

Cemetery Work 101

There is much magick to be had in cemeteries.  Unfortunately, there is also a lot of fear and misconception around such workings.  In this workshop I’ll introduce you to the guardians and gatekeepers of cemeteries, show you how to respectfully and legally do your workings, and teach you the etiquette of working with the dead.

Come to the Darkside, We Have Cookies: Demystifying Dark Witchcraft

In this workshop we’ll take a look at what it means to actually practice dark witchcraft, as opposed to the stereotypes and hyperbole seen in the media and on the internet.  We’ll break down the typical practices and ethics of dark witchcraft including shadow work, necromancy, spellcrafting, and working with dark entities/spirits. Come with an open mind and all of your questions.

Bane Magick

In this workshop I will teach you how to hex – flat out.  We’ll look at when it’s appropriate to perform a hex, the mechanics of hexing, and the potential fall out.  Bindings, banishings, and true bane magicks from several different traditions will be explored. Please note: each person’s ethics are their own and it’s up to you to decide if you actually want to cast a curse.  This workshop will be held Saturday, July 1st from 1-3pm at Edge of the Circle Books.

Introduction to Shadow Magick

Shadow Magick is the art of working with dark energies that many people are uncomfortable with to achieve a positive result.  While many popular spiritual practices emphasize creating a positive mindset, generative positive energy, etc.; some of us look at all that love and light and just feel a little nauseated.  Sometimes the only way forward is not to look at the bright side, but instead to examine the shadows – to stare in the abyss. In this workshop we’ll delve into our own darkness and see how it can empower us.

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Magickal Defense

Defense Against the Dark

An introduction to things that go bump in the night and how to bump back. Learn the lore and magickal reality of several harmful magickal creatures and occult happenings, including ghosts, energy vampires, and curses. This workshop will give you concrete methods for protecting yourself from both malevolent entities and malicious magick in everyday situations including shielding, magickal cleansing, and more.

Ghostbusting 101 – When Casper Isn’t So Friendly

With the popularity of the paranormal in the media and the recent expansion of ghost hunting a a hobby, more people than ever are recognizing ghostly encounters for what they are.  Most of the time these encounters are nothing more than a harmless thrill or an emotional goodbye to a loved one, but not always. Every once in a while you encounter a ghost that isn’t so friendly, a ghost that is angry, one that you do not want to share your home with.  This workshop will introduce you to the concept of banishing – a way to cleanse your home of unwanted energies and paranormal presences and keep them from coming back. These basic banishing techniques can be used for everything from clearing out negative energy after a fight to kicking out unwanted spirits.  You will also learn how to seal your home to keep unwanted entities out, while letting positive energies in.

Ghost Hunting – Legal Considerations

“How Not to Get Sued – Probably.”  A quick overview of the legal issues any ghost hunter should be aware of, such as: trespassing, liability in case of accidents, referrals, fraud claims, client expectation, and more.  

Magickal Defense At Work

In today’s world most people spend more of their waking hours outside of the home than in it.  For those of us who work outside the home, we spend the bulk of our time in the office. In this workshop we will take a look at the factors that influence magickal defense at work and particular techniques that can be used there.  This workshop is appropriate for anyone wishing to learn discrete defensive techniques.

Magickal Munitions

Magickal self-defense specifically for those of us who live or work in the city.  Learn magickal methods to increase your awareness, prevent being hassled in a crowd, improve your work area, and safeguard your home.  We’ll be looking at auric control, magickal camouflage, wards, witch bottles and more. This workshop is appropriate for people of all levels of skill and experience, from any path.  All you’ll need is an open mind.

Psychic Self-Defense for Ghost Hunters

With the popularity of the paranormal in the media and the recent expansion of ghost hunting as a hobby, more people than ever are having experiences with the paranormal.  Most of the time there’s no harm in it, but there are dangers to seeking out and interacting with the unseen world. In this workshop we’ll go over some basic techniques that can help you to have safe, enjoyable ghost hunting experiences without the dangers of attack, attachment, or bringing something home with you.

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Pop Culture Magick

Pop Culture Magick for Geeks

Do you love Doctor Who, Star Wars, World of Warcraft, Superheroes, and Dungeons and Dragons?  Want to learn how to harness that geekery into effective magick? In this workshop we’ll explore how to use the characters and iconography we love from sci-fi, fantasy, and gaming to perform magick that takes advantage of the pathways already seared into our brains by geeking out.  This workshop is appropriate for people of all paths and ages, at any level of nerdiness.

Pop Culture Magick for Making a Difference

Regardless of your political ideologies, you can probably agree that the state of the world today is not “fine.”  It’s time for us to put on our big kid pants and actually do something about the state of the world. Pop culture magick is particularly well suited for adding weight to our mundane actions and helping us to actually make a difference.  In this workshop we’ll go over the many ways pop culture magick can enhance our actions in the world and provide support as we face difficult times.

Pop Culture Magick 201: Leveling Up Your Practice

In this workshop we’ll look deeply into the practice and spirituality of pop culture magick and pop culture paganism.  We’ll look at developing a consistent practice with particular fandoms, the use of custom gaming characters in magick and meditation, exploring the use of fandom to deepen our spirituality, and more.  Please bring an item (or items) representing your favorite fandoms – toys, action figures, t-shirts, cards, etc.

Pop Culture Magick: Working With Villains

In Pop Culture Magick we work with the stories and character from our favorite fandoms to create compelling magick.  Unsurprisingly, some of the most popular characters to work with are the villains. Villains have their advantages: a singular focus towards a goal, a certain ruthless efficiency, and pure potency.  However, they require all the delicacy of handling and careful word crafting as the most persnickety fae and are as like to hinder as help you if they think you’re taking advantage. In this workshop we’ll talk about some of our favorite pop culture villains and how to work with them safely and sanely.

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