Currently, Emily teaches via YouTube, live workshops, magickal consulting, and select one on one apprenticeships.

Visit Emily’s YouTube channel to view her Witchcraft Fundementals course and recorded workshops.


Emily is available to present workshops on a wide variety of topics.  She is available for in-person workshops in the Puget Sound area, preferably within an hour drive of Seattle.  For events outside this area video conferencing is an option (travel for select events is possible). Workshops generally range in length from 30-90 minutes, though quick pop-ups and longer in-depth workshops are possible via special arrangement.  

Workshop Topics

Magickal Consulting

Have a specific question or just need a single one-on-one?  A magickal consult is a one-time session (can be in-person, skype, email, etc.) to address a specific magickal question or receive guidance.  These are offered at no charge (or perhaps the cost of coffee and a muffin) and are granted entirely at Emily’s discretion.

This is the perfect option for the new practitioner that wants a single session to ask general magickal questions, get book recommendations, or study suggestions with no commitment to further study with Emily.  

This is also the best option for people facing a particular magickal problem, such as a haunting, potential psychic attack, or difficulties developing a spell/ritual.  Please keep in mind Emily does not perform magick for others, but will instead give you the tools to help yourself.

Emily does not generally give tarot readings; please don’t ask.  There are many wonderful readers out there that would be delighted to perform divination for you.  


If you are seeking in-depth, long term teaching you can apply for an apprenticeship with Emily.  Apprenticeships are for serious students only and are very limited in number. All apprentices must be able to meet for one hour sessions 1-2 times a month, either via Zoom or in-person in the Seattle area.  

All apprentices must complete a one year basic skills training course with Emily regardless of existing skill level.  This is to establish a baseline of common terminology, knowledge, and techniques that are the foundation for all later teaching.   Click here for more information on Basic Skills Training

Students that complete the basic skills training are eligible for further training in Emily’s areas of expertise: dark witchcraft, pop culture magick, defensive magick, etc.  Any further training is to be decided collaboratively with the student.

Students that fail to attend to their studies or demonstrate irresponsible/unethical behavior will be dropped.

In lieu of a fee for the considerable time and effort required to administer an apprenticeship, students are asked to either volunteer at a local charity for no fewer than 10 hours or donate no less than $75 to an established charity.  If this is a hardship, a student may be able to negotiate alternative community service.

For questions or to apply for an apprenticeship email, emily (@)


Emily does not charge a fee for teaching.  If you appreciate her services please consider donating time or money to: Centro de la Raza, World Central Kitchen, Planned Parenthood, or Doctors Without Borders.