Emily teaches workshops on a variety of topics. Below are some standard presentations and classes that have been taught at various venues in the past. This list is by no means exhaustive. If you interested in having Emily present on a topic listed or not listed here, simply inquire via email.

Download a PDF for details about classes and consultations

  • Magickal Munitions
  • Defense Against the Dark
  • Pyschic Protection for Ghost Hunters and Paranormal Investigators
  • Common Magickal Pests
  • Understanding Magickal Intent
  • Shadow Magick


Emily is available via e-mail and Skype for private consultations on general magick, paganism, shadow magick, magickal defense and tarot readings.

Emily does NOT do magick for people. She will help you learn how to do your own magick but will not do a spell for you.

Emily does NOT do healings of any kind. Her personal calling and skills lie elsewhere.

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