Defense Against The Dark

"Whether you are experienced in magick or are just interested in the practices and foundation of it, this book will lead you through many different subjects ranging from cleansing oneself to the ridding of negative influences and supernatural beings.Wonderfully written and well organized, Ms. Carlin takes a step further by delving into the backgrounds and folklore of many different subjects. A creative piece regardless of ones' belief systems, this book allows one to rethink beyond one's normal cognition."

-- Allison Knoedler
Parapsychologist, owner/operator of: Morris County Paranormal Research Society

When I first entered the world of magick and metaphysics I was delighted to find a spiritual and philosophic satisfaction I had never found in more mainstream systems of belief.  In my naïve eagerness I dove in head first, with little thought to the strange and dangerous creatures that might be lurking beneath the surface.  I learned the hard way that some old wives tales are true and that there are things that go bump in the night.  At the time I had a very hard time finding information on how to deal with and protect myself against such things.  Now, many experiences later, I’ve written the book I wish someone had handed me all those years ago

Defense Against the Dark introduces the darker denizens of the magickal world and the dangers they can present.  You will learn common lore surrounding malevolent creatures and malicious magick and how to deal with them should that become necessary.  With each listing you will find information on how common that particular entity is, how dangerous, what other names it might be called, common symptoms that indicate their presence, and concrete, practical methods for alleviating the danger they present.

This book clarifies what negative entities and magick do AND do not do.  The magickal world is full of misconceptions and misinformation.  How to avoid mistaken mythology is included in the lore for many entries.  Learn how curses actually work, that faeries aren’t always nice, and that modern vampires do exist but really aren’t that dangerous.

One of the features of which I am most proud is the Index of Symptoms.  This lists all of the common symptoms that malevolent magick and creatures create and list what might be responsible.  With this tool you can readily identify the most likely magickal culprit in any situation.  However, use this with caution and don’t let yourself be carried away.  Just because you experience symptoms commonly caused by a goblin doesn’t mean that it isn’t just bad curry and lack of sleep.  Most of the time there is a rational mundane explanation for what you experience.  This book is for the times when the rational explanations fail.

-- author Emily Carlin

Magic Under The Black Sun

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